Thursday, April 15, 2010

罗特丹的艺术_The Art of Rotterdam (2)

Continue the journey of this city of art (ok I named it myself :P), you can see a lot of landmark buildings, it's beautiful and of course, creative!


Its a fake tree...

Look at the lamp-post at the back...
The Erasmus bridge, linking the north and south of Rotterdam, has a nickname 'De Zwaan' ('the Swan'). 右下角的地面闪闪发亮的哦。
My first impression -- oh my god, is this the house that I saw in Jacky Chan's movie???
A view of pretty all of the unique construction..。
The Euromast, not traditional round shape but the shape of ship...
The Montevideo. The huge M on top is designed as a wind vane...

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