Thursday, December 16, 2010

香港粥面家 Nice Lunch @ Canton-i, Sunway Pyramid

我很少到商场光顾可以在大排挡吃到的美食,因为通常都会觉得很不值的而且味道又不怎么样。不过这香港粥面家倒是让我另眼相看的。呵呵,记得第一次我是吃它的粥时感觉真的很幸福叻(还是因为肚子饿??),总的来说我觉得这里的食物都不错啦,是个值得再光顾的餐厅,当然价格不能和大排挡的比咯。久久一次还是可以的。。。 :)

I seldom eat chinese food that can best consumed at 'dai pai dong' at the shopping mall. Coz I always felt that the price just doenst worth it, and it doenst even guarantee you the good taste.  But this Canton-i is pretty much different. Wouldn't say price is cheap but at least worth the taste! I like their porridge (seldom took porridge outside coz home cook one is the best :P), hehe.. a place that worth to visit but not too often lah :)
店面,喜欢那红百对称 Entrance, like the pink & white contrast

餐厅环境蛮舒服的 Quite a nice ambience...

Quite a lot of choices, from porridge to noodle to mee to rice to dim sum... 

艺术花茶,当然得上镜咯 Artistic flower tea, sure gotto capture lo...

卤水蛋豆腐 'Lou' (spiced brine) egg & tofu

2Com Rice (Roast Pork Belly & HG Roast Pork), looks good huh? :P

烧鸭面,湛!Roasted Duck Noodle, Nice!

云吞面,Wan Tan Noodle

Dumpling Noodle, personally felt that this one not bad either
咦,什么来的?哈哈,我的便当啦。给妈妈记一功 :P
What's this?? Hehehe, mama's fried meehon, my lunch! :P

Nice weather with crazy colleagues, contributes to a great lunch!


Jeff Tan said...

Photo #1 做么我也有翘臀??(@_@)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Not only computers and phones with "i" shops also catch on with the "i" thingy. Love porridge that was my dad's standard supper every night. Adoi agree with you the roast pork looks good leh. True its the company of people that make life colorful. tQ

[SK] said...

yes i very agree with you.. actually those shopping-mall style dai-pai-dong food is really overpriced!!! one good example is all those kopitiams which boom like no business..

Casendra said...

Jeff, 选都选到这张,算给脸你咯,不要再投诉我们把你当成外人叻。其实我upload这照片upload 到很pik cik lah...

Bananaz, you serious? Dad's standard supper everynight?? Wow...mama cook? hehee... so nice

SK, ya ya ya, especially those with the wifi free service... what to do, trend mah...

Lonewolf said...

你妈妈的便当几乎可以乱真。。。有大厨星州炒米的风范。。。 哈哈哈。。。


Jeff Tan said...


Anonymous said...

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