Friday, December 17, 2010

三个白痴的酷歌 Songs from 'The 3 Idiots'

Music has no boundry (look at the songs I like already know eh? :P) Getting year end soon, must quickly record down things I like! In this case, here, the songs I like again!

Come, you may not understand but I do believe you guys will like the rhythm of it! :) Enjoy!

Got this translation from a blogger, copyright from


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

tQ for the trouble in getting the the translation in Hindi. Quite a funny video clip. Namaste

Yi said...



Casendra said...

fuyooh Bananazஇ you speak indian one ah?! Hehehe, thanks, I learned a new word today! Namaste! Seriously, if you've got time and chance, watch this movie!

Yee,真的得谢谢你的好介绍。我看得电影list, 看来你也很会看恐怖片叻!哈哈哈,下次不知道要看什么戏时会参考你的blog! 谢啦!

我也觉得值得珍藏 :)

[SK] said...

yeah, that's a nice song, i like it.. and you always want to write down things you like before the year ends?? haha.. :p

Casendra said...

Sk, glad u like it! Hehehe, true hor, maybe I got obsessive compulsive disorder? :p hehehe, share share mah, I used to forget thing one... :p


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