Saturday, December 11, 2010

超级电影之~三个白痴 The Super Movie ~ The 3 Idiots

棒 !棒 !棒 !棒 !棒 !棒 !棒 !棒 !
棒 ! 



Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
(Hahahaha, reminds me a blogger who kept cursing wtf wtf wtf wtf after watching a crappy movie :P)

Thanks to Jean, I get to know this movie.  Downloaded long ago but it was in my harddisk waiting for the 'right moment.'  Here I am, the right moment--> heavy flu, bad coughing, swell eye with headache. To stay alive and gain back my health, I took tons of pills (left over pills, clinic close shop today, SELANGOR PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!) and lying on the sofa watching this long expected movie, and its Awesome! Meaningful, inspirational YET funny! 
Movie ended in Ladakh (well it say so), I've got to know this place from Moyu's blog... seems like its time to plan to have a walk here..yeah...

Phrases I like in the movie (I tried translate lah har but not sure correct or not)
"what do you get by consoling your heart?"
"Nothing, but by doing so, it give you the courage to face the problem"
"So afraid of tomorrow, how do you live today?"  

Isn't it correct? Many people working so hard fighting for their future (and money perhaps?), afraid that they can't cope, can't catch up, can't meet other people's expectation, can't follow the trend... ended up with tiredness, exhausted and lost in no where.  

Hope there are more people able to live their own life, do what they want, go for their dreams... we might not be famous, neither rich, but, at least, happy :)  Good luck!


[SK] said...

wah, you still haven't recovered yet?? but then since you can still watch the movie and blog, i supposed you're not too bad yeah??

Casendra said...

Hey SK, thanks for the concern, I donno why only cough fiercely at night, medicine langsung tak work. hahaha.. I think can try Sake or Brandy already :D

Jean said...



LionGirl said...

You know? This post is great! Guess you write better when you have "heavy flu, bad coughing, swell eye with headache"! Hahaha!
Joke aside, I like your last two paragraphs. You stay happy too, ya? Take care and get well soon!

Casendra said...


Lion darling, ya lo, have to divert attention lah, no point sitting here sigh and be so kesian like that :P

Lonewolf said...



Lisa717 said...

hey dear, not recovered yet? better take enuff rest ya~ i m sure u hav worked too hard n lacked with sufficient rest~ hope ya get well soon!!!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Hi Casendra slipped over from [SK] blog, I am a Bananaz learning Chinese the hearsay way hope to pick up a few words today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow and forever. Likey your blog's title 'Day Day is Good Day' why worry about tomorrow!!! tQ

Casendra said...

Lisa, consulted doc liao, see his med worked or not ...

Bananaz...hhehe.. welcome welcome, lets learn together ;)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Casendra இ Oops sorry link not done properly. tQ for dropping by yeah lets learn together. About the canggih thingy its called 'scripting' and I merely learned it quite recently. All I did is copy and paste the script and do some teasing. Thanks to the scripteaser of the year, my sifu [SK] who saved me from my mess in my previous post.

Casendra said...

Hehe... this kind of technical stuff, I leave it to you guys lah. hehe continue your good work :P


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