Wednesday, January 26, 2011

阿洪生虾鱼头米粉 A-Hong Fish Head Noodle

就在IOI Boulevard广场对面,招牌大大的,蛮容易找,如果没有停车位就索性泊在Boulevard的停车场好了,反正近的很,又便宜。好不好吃?个人认为是很棒的,基本上只有一位朋友有‘意见’,其他的都讲很不错哦,价钱又漂亮,试一试就知道。。。

It's just located right opposite IOI Boulevard, and is easy to spot because its RED! How does it taste? It tasted fantastic to me at reasonable price, so far only one friend give negative comment, guess its very much depends on individual preferences lo.

If not mistaken there is only an 'expat' helping out here, all running by the Ah Pa & Ah Ma here... 
Pork pancake, looks normal but tasted good!

Fresh prawn fish head noodle, super nice! Taste of the wine might be slightly heavier, but personally I like it lo :)

This is the plain fish head noolde (taken with different phone camera @ different time :P)  It is just so fresh & meaty! No fishy smell at all!
Double Meatball (Pork & Fish) Mee Hoon, the soup is so contented & condense... thumbs up too!

Try it if you have chance, see if it suits your taste :) 


[SK] said...

that pork pancake!! i like that!! looks so nice.. this is one of my favourite food lor..

as for the fishhead noodles, err, i normally ask for fish paste because find it too troublesome to eat the fish with lots of bones..

Triton said...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Sorry still cant get used to fish head noodles Klang Valley style. Prefer Penang style minus the white soup. Oh yeah the pork pancake taste good looks plain only. Must not judge the food by the look. tQ

Casendra said...

SK, they also got give fish paste oh, hehee not so 'bone' at all :)

Trion, 久违了.我很好,就是尽忙些琐碎事 :) 下次有机会我们可以在这里吃哦

Bananaz, you also penang mari ah? walau, quite a lot of penang blogger here leh :P Hehehe, actually can asked them dont put the milk one... but i guess the taste also diff eh? never tried penang fish head noodle pun...

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

不认为啦! 样样都太棒了,太好吃了。

mnkchong said...



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