Thursday, January 20, 2011

当愿望付诸于行动 When putting action into Wishes...


~ 行动失败后带来的沮丧,为自己默哀的可能性加一,对某些事物产生恐惧感的可能性加一,甚至一蹶不振。。。

~ 成功圆梦后得到的充实感,为精彩人生加分的几率加一,积极尝试的几率再加一,人生从此充满希望。。。

只是,谁又会无时无刻胸口刻个勇字,去做一些自己很想做, 但又可能无法接受做了之后事情的结果呢?


Probably you'll have two results in return:

1)  Feeling despair as action failed, chances to mourn for yourself plus 1, chances of having phobia on certain thing plus 1, even not able to recover from the setback from there onwards...


2) Feeling content and joy as you successfully achieve a dream/wish, plus one point to your colourful life, plus another point to actively/bravely try to achieve another dream, life is full of hope from there onwards...

But then who will be forever and ever so daring and carved a 'BRAVE' on his/her chest, to do something that they so much wanted to do, but might not be able to accept/handle the consequences of it once they did it?

How about you? Dare or dare not to?


xc said...


古克石の屋 said...


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LionGirl said...

Casendra dear, it all depends on how badly you want that wish to come true.
If you want it bad enough, you will die die try and retry until you achieve it!
Failure is the mother of success! Once bitten twice shy, twice bitten must try!
Tell yourself you can! You can!
It is not a matter or dare or dare not unless you are talking about bungee jumping! Hahaha!

Casendra said...



Jeff... hnmm... true eh.

LG, twice bitten must try ah? Hehehe... good one good one, ya man, i think still must have the 'you can't kill me spirit' (heat not dead) spiriti eh? :P

[SK] said...

it's never easy to take the first step out, to take the risk and challenge and be ready to face the consequences is something that needs a lot of courage..


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