Monday, February 6, 2012

太平山 Maxwell Hill


Mama said here also called Kopi Hill woh, but donno why la :P It's just nearby the Taiping Lake Garden. I thought can drive up the hill but actually cannot *sweat* So gotto buy ticket, there is a four wheel drive you up there! We arrived about 2pm that day and tickets were sold out.

Ticketing officer said ticket start selling @ 7.30am, first trip is 8am. So, mark it down if you wanna take a ride up there next time! Of course, you can choose to hike if you wish :D
入口出,票根售卖处在左边 Entrance, ticketing counter on the left

Shall be riding on this four wheel up! But we didnt make it this time lo.


[SK] said...

哦?? 那麼巴閉不給人駕車上去, 還要買票做四輪驅動車上去?? 那麼"入場"多少錢??

Casendra said...



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