Friday, July 24, 2009

慈善义跑_Charity Run_19 Jul 2009

Date: 19 Jul 2009
Time: Early morning
Venue: Nan Yang Shang Pao, KJ area

This year our task was pretty relax, manage to sit there and watched the event performance somemore... here comes our second year's charity run photo!

不写中文好象有点不到肉的感觉,开跑前Master 忙着到处张罗,都不在镜头里面。。。

New member-CK (2nd row at right)
2 lazy butt sitting on the empty boxes of mineral water :P

Enjoying photo sessions with MY FM's car...
Photo at all angles...

阿发 from MY FM, passionate young fellow...
Forgot to put the long table back to the lorry... so... gotto use Master's car. 1 Table & 5 persons in a wira, not bad huh? :P

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