Saturday, July 4, 2009

Langkawi's Sky Bridge

This is it! The Sky Bridge in Langkawi! It's the biggest bonus I've got from our company trip! Before the trip I was having a conversation with Kelly and she told me that she heard there is this sky bridge in Langkawi that is worth a 'walk'. Not knowing we'e got such a hi-tech bridge (ok I know - lacking of general knowledge), I went google it and found that this is just a matter of facts, and I was a bit disappointed for it didn't 'appear' in the company trip's itinerary.

But sometimes this is how we be surprised and gain our happy bonus. I saw the sky-bridge on top of the cable car's route! Couldn't describe how happy I was. Our tour guide said 'go to the top first to have the bird's eye view of Langkawi then go for the sky-bridge...'

Well, I straight away 'run' to the sky-bridge! hahahaa... Here, are few of the photos taken by handphone (yes, just handphone itself, imagine if you're using super camera? How will the scene look like??)

It's just awesome, breath taking. I seriously couldn't imagine I can have such a view that I only saw in some of the movies...

Oh, besides, small tips here, if you were to have a walk on this bridge, probably you might wanna wear shorts, so that you can feel the wind!

The weather is cosy & windy...

Different view at another corner of the bridge

(this is the photo i downloaded from google :P)
Matter of facts:
Location: Langkawi, Gunung Mat Cincang
Description: Suspended sky-bridge at 700m above sea level, 125m span across the chasm, gives you the view of Andaman Sea and Thailand's Taruto Island.

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