Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gasing Hill (2) - The Death of Our Sport Shoes

Hehehe... of course not only the 2nd time we came here, but recently Bkt Gasing has changed, more ... branches, more choice, more adventures! Last week we follow an uncle and experience a wonderful route.

Today, we choose another branch to go in for the small stream (Anak Sungai). Super super! Super adventures, no abandone house but up hill down hill then down the stream! hahaha... To certain extend we thought we might need to activate the gps :P Well well well, not that scary but its kind of excited. Go in buddy system then can enjoy more!

Last time used to tell that within an hour can finish Gasing route, and the route is good for beginner...errr... now gotto rephrase, unless you stick to the original route and dont go in for the stream, else, it will easily take you more than an hour. :)

呵呵呵。。。Gasing 近来开了很多分叉路让登山者探索更多不同的路线。今天我们上山下山再下水,沿着小溪走一段路,完全不一样的Gasing体验!还以为会破纪录走Gasing走到要用GPS,还好没 "xia sui'。。。哈哈哈。。。这样一逛,再走回原来的路线就耗了大概2个小时(慢走),很不错哦。我想兴奋得应该不止我一个,因为很多人都非常的‘踊跃尝试’新路线,常碰到人问,这里往上走能出回去吗? 赫赫赫,殊不知我们也是第一次。。。当然说能咯。有路线就代表有人走过,是看你从哪个出口出而已。来跑跑吧!

One shoes can finally retired, another picked a 'mask' today...

今天我们选这个入口 We picked this entrance today

入口 Entrance

竟然从这里出来eh! Came out from here!
(This photo taken last time, shown at previous blog. That time don't dare to go through, hahhaa... never expect one day will come out from here!)


adeline teoh said...

cool... i wanna join the next time you go!!!!

Casendra said...

hahaha... sure sure!


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