Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sky Trekking_THE ExTreme Challenge

An adventures & fun outdoor activity with friends! This is my second visit, but many of them are the first time, big clasp to them.. yeah.. coz normally first timer will go for the 'Big Thrill' challenge instead of the 'Extreme', cool huh?

I would strongly recommend this activity if you guys like outdoor adventures, just a day trip and it is not even expensive. Big Thrill challenge is fun, challenging yet not too tiring. Extreme challange is really EXTREME... for one moment I was wondering if I was attending the Ninja training...grrrr @_@ But still, it is fun!

Booking & payment can all be done online, take a look at their website below:

Waiting for shutter bus at the bicycle renting area.

Our photo maniac...hehe, everyone is so exciting...

Gearing up!

All ready to go!

The trial session

Hmnm... this is the very beginning...

Fly fly fly! Well at first we were a bit scared, but later, after all other 'style', we were so hoping to see this flying fox instead of climbing staircase!

Swing swing swing...
Hahaa... scream and not forgetting photo shooting!

Is that all? NOOOOOO... simply because we are too tired to snap photos in between, hahaha....
Challenge completed, Victory!
Thanks buddies for joining this activity!

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