Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sky Trekking_The BiG Thrill Challenge

Ya, this was my first exposure to Sky Trekking (17.9.2008), hehe, again thanks to Kelly. Majority of them are Kelly's friend, but... they are fun! Compared to the extreme challange this is really nothing much, but since this was the first time, well I gotto admit that my leg was a bit 'not willing' to move and everytime before I left the platform... I need to take a deep breath...

There was a point, where Bryan & I standing at the same platform, I guess my brain suddenly got mul-function that I unhook both of the carabiner... first unhook (Bryan's eye big big), second unhook (Big eyes with hands covering the mouth and one hand pointing at the carabiners! Hahahahahahahahaa.... THANK GOD I didnt fell down! (lucky no one else see it else sure get scolded).

Ya, this is what we call - accident can happen! :P

p.s. years later only I know that a guy here was my customer! (errr, he's the management level, the time I know his name only, didnt really saw his face) Smal world eh? hahaha...

Starting point... small suggestion. Better go first instead of waiting...

Pull pull pull!

Errr...put this photo because it seems to cover all my fats! hahaha
Quite a long 'journey'...

Swing swing swing...

Ahaha... ya ya, she confirmed for us that inside the jungle there is still phone reception!

Hmnm.. gotto swing and... 'phiak'! catch the net! :P
Not sure how is it now after years, it is still quite pretty well maintain tho :)

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