Friday, May 28, 2010

Italian Cone Pizza @ IOI Boulevard

试食大行动开始!感谢Adeline, 阿梁和CK...呵呵。今天一连光顾了3家店,德国啤酒,意大利皮萨和香港咖啡店。。。

Food tasting mission start! Muahahaha, thanks to Adeline, Leong & CK, we've tried the german beer, italian cone pizza and hongky coffee shop, pretty enjoyable night!

地点/Location: IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Quite a simple menu, shouldn't have trouble to decide what to eat ;)

Simple and nice interior design, pretty comfortable

This is what lure us in! Pretty nice taste oh
The taste of spaghetti is bit light...
Seafood baked rice quite nice, the tomato source will open up your appetite
The 4 of us are a rare combination, of course gotto take picture!

开心的像小孩子,呵呵,其实口感和‘手感’都不错。最好吃的是Chicken Aioli, 那香味真的很难形容,而且比较不一样。Tuna 有一点点腥(我比较敏感),BBQ 和Hot & Spicy Chicken 都不错,但Chicken Aioli是最特别的。
Happy like a kid :P Like holding an ice cream yet its a pizza! Hahaha... Best is Chicken Aioli, the smell & taste is just so special. The rest also quite nice but somehow u can find those taste in other shops (of course taste is something very personal...)
I would say - worth a try!

Cone Pizza 价钱大概在RM10-13之间,属于中上价吧。像我们大吃型的在这里的最低消费大概会在20-30之间吧。。。其实是值得一试的! CK 说,拿着它去shopping边走边吃应该很爽。。。呵呵
The price of the cone pizza is between RM10-13, should be mid range price. Those who loves eating and can eat a lot (like us), hehe, probably need to spend around rm20-30 here to fill up the stomach!
Generally I would say worth a try the cone pizza! Tho it is really not something Italian tradition :)


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