Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Pacific Coffee Company

Another coffee shop that I long wanted to hop in just to feel its atmosphere, coz from outside it does really looks we go.

地点/Location: IOI Boulevard, Puchong

We all stared at the book...

I think its the spacious and lighting that bring the comfortness...

Adeline in the picture... hehehe

Hmnm... this one pretty chinese and hongky eh? The waiter said this coffee house is from HK...

After to have stir it, it looks nicer :P
Generally how is the shop? Perfect ambience, comfortable and nice. Free internet service, if someone conquerred the computer long, you just gotto press the bell next to it, it will start count for 15mins, and then the bell will ring, and he/she suppose to give way...
Drink wise... 4 of us we tried the mango ice blended something(forgot the exact name), vanilla latte, hazelnut latte, & mocha. Hmnm... besides mocha have a more heavy taste, the rest were a bit light. Hazelnut coffee taste very very smooth but slightly lack of coffee taste, not sure if this

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