Thursday, May 27, 2010

Puchong IOI Boulevard

这是个每天放工回家经过的地方。每次看到那美美的霓虹灯都讲要进去跑跑,每次。。。都等下一次。直到有一天啊,朋友说我家附近有draft beer, 就叫什么慕尼黑的。某天心血来潮google了一下,才发现它就在这IOI Boulevard里,回家时就和Adeline来这里做探子啦。发现了几家看似不错的店子可以溜达哦。

Been passing through this place for long, everytime also said wanna go in walk around see around, everytime also waiting for the next time. Until recently a friend of mine said there is one bistro serving draft beer, called.. Munich something (and its not the STADT that I know that serving draft beer). So one fine day I felt bored and so set the mission of the day - find this bar! Adeline googled it and just so happens that it is located inside this Boulevard.

Here we go - site survey of IOI Boulevard!

前观 Front View

Small little fountain

In fact the evening atmosphere is very nice here

就是这家店 This is the Munich Bar...
Even from outside, I still feel that the ambience of this coffee shop is very nice...
Hmnm, a very special Italian shop. Serving cone pizza oh.
A shabu shabu shop that serve home made stuff....

东西好不好吃嘛,下回分晓 :)
How's the food? Let's see the next round!

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