Tuesday, September 7, 2010

抗烟大行动 (2) Cigarettes Revolution (2)

16天的抗战,战情激烈,虽然死了很多细胞,也不完全胜利,不过,已经有好些人受不了我的‘淫威’-----〉1)一吸烟就拿着相机站在那里准备拍照 2)威胁他们我可能因为吸得二手烟的关系check不到claim, 那么claim支票就会延迟,那他们就没钱还信用卡数 3)再吸,等着在面子书曝光吧!(呵呵。。。其实是他们让步啦,人是不错的就是爱吸烟。。。)

哇哈哈哈。。。。最重要的是,狼爷终于出手了!看看那海报,那个‘不’字一次又一次的被人涂黑,我一次又一次的把那不’字填上去,填到没有位子啦。狼爷就是狼爷,脑袋转的快,把那个‘不’字稍微移位,把一句 ‘这里不是吸烟厅’变成了‘这里是非吸烟厅’。
16 days of battle, tho it's not a total victory, lots of blood & brain cells sacrificed, but many of them already started to smoke outside the office under my 'threathening' -----> 1) Anytime standby camera to take smoker's photo 2) blackmail them I might not be able to check their claim if I smell too much of cigarettes... no claim no $$... hehe... 3) Smoke again, lets tag yourself in Facebook! hehee... (actually my colleagues are really nice lah, if not they don't really give a damn one...)
Most important is, Wolf finally use his wisdom to win battle! Look at the 'poster', the 'NOT' has been scribbled many times and I keep re-write the 'NOT' on it until it is running out of space. One day morning, Wolf just happily, easily write the 'NON' at the corner and magically make the whole sentence changed!
Instead of 'This is not a smoking hall', it become 'This is a NON smoking hall'.
Bravo Wolf!


FaiTh said...

Good job Wolf!!! applause applause...

Lonewolf said...


LionGirl said...

Bravo Cass, your preseverance pays off! "Smoke and you get NO claims!" I like that! So, you are their "choy cheng poh cheong" lah! Finance Ministers are powerful people! Hehe.

Casendra said...

HAhaha... I am just a small ant in the office, one leg kick. Thats why I so garang lah, coz can resign anytime mah. hahaha, small ant easy to find job only :P Yeah, me not alone anymore, Wolf(my colleague) is the team! And thanks for your encouragement! hahaha

Jesson Balaoing said...

great post, like it!!!

Casendra said...

Haha, Jason, thanks, hope there is no episode 3 :P


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