Sunday, September 5, 2010

宝宝独家指甲修理专员 Baby's Personal Fingers Nail 'Cutter'


还没进门,Alvin 就踩猫屎,哇哈哈哈哈。。。


探望新生儿嘛,当然要来个‘彻底检验’咯,眼儿口鼻手手脚脚通常无一幸免。当我们把宝宝的手套拿开时 -- !哈哈。。。手指甲好长!

原来大家都因为怕剪刀宝宝的小手而不敢替她剪指甲!好窝心。。。^_^ 结果我就自告奋勇的,哒哒哒哒哒哒哒哒哒哒(十只手指嘛),帮宝宝修甲!



希望她的父母没有变得专制,希望她永远的健康,快乐,幸福 :)

We went to visit Seow Ling's newborn baby girl yesterday. It was, a very different type of 'gathering' experiences...

Alvin stepped on the cat dung before he stepped up the apartment.

Dawson was being blocked at the guard house before he can enter apartment too...(what a day eh?)

And finally when we all gathered together... well, the rules of visiting newborn just couldn't be exempted! -- A thorough 'checked' of baby's eyes ear nose lips hands and legs! hahaha... don't worry, we are not 'bin tai' (psycho), neither 'ham sap' (lusty), just curious!

The moment we took out baby's glove -- TADA! The finger nails were as long as ours! Hahaha...Just because the parents and the rest in the house afraid will accidently cut her fingers! How sweet... :)

And So? Hehe.. I become her private nail 'cutter' and trimmed all her finger nails...(phew, THANK GOD I didnt hurt her :P)

This is a modern couple, with mother and mother/father-in-laws in the house, but I don't seem to see the pretty 'standard over reaction' of a modern couple that nowaday have, and I also don't see the elders giving oders and comments around since they are 'elder' with lots of experiences. I just see the endless love and cares yet it is just nice and nothing is 'a bit too over'.

As such, the baby is able to sleep without socks on her legs, able to move freely without being wrapped with like a mummy with the towel, even without being 'forced' to take milk while she is sleeping (this is the funniest part of it! If it's my mum... it will be sharp 2/3 hours, milk will be ready, regardless you hungry or not, you drink it! hahahhaaha)

I thus, pictured baby's big big freedom in future, pictured her running around the play ground freely, pictured her studying her favourite subjects happily in her study room, pictured how she is able to make decisions independantly for herself in the future...because she has a modern yet not over protective neither possessive's parents...

And I hope it will still be the same along the way she grow up, and wishing her healthy, happy and fortunate ever ever after!


LionGirl said...

Wah, you know how to cut baby's nails ah? You can make big money lei!
I noticed you using the word "dung". Clever girl, learn and use words fast, fast.
Yup, it is always wonderful moments to welcome newborns to the world!
Congratulate your friend for me ah? When is "full moon"? Another good excuse to feast. Haha!

Casendra said...

SCL, you can't be serious! Making big money by cutting babies' finger nail?? :O

Ya ya ya, i remembered that word so well now. HAhahahaha thanks to you and SK :P

Fullmoon shall be another 2 weeks! Hahahaha

vialentino said...

cutting baby finger nails can be freaky experience...i remembered when yve cut too deep of dylan's finger nail and bleed a bit...geli ler...

yinnkoon said...

Drop by from Lisa's.
Saw the interesting word and drop by... it is interesting.. I like the mangrove visit.
Wish to drop by for more. :)

Casendra said...

Vialentino, ya man it is indeed bit stress and geli :P

yinkoon, welcome you and thanks for liking the mangrove visit, will try to upload the 2nd part of it :)

[SK] said...

寶寶的指甲果然比你們任何一個auntie的長咧.. 不剪掉也不好, 怕到時寶寶自己抓傷自己哦..

呵呵, 第一胎吧?? 這樣也好, 不用那麼拘束擔心這個擔心那個的, 小孩給他粗生粗養最好喇~~ :p

Casendra said...

SK, 她的手指也是哦。哈哈。。。oh 对了,想请教你,你是不是用NJStar输入那些广东子的?



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