Wednesday, June 1, 2011

奥克兰之海豚与鲸鱼探索团 Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari, NZ.

Back from NZ!

What did I do when I gotto know I was heading to NZ? Of course surf net and browse maximum on what are the activities that I shouldn’t have miss out there! And right before I depart, I found this – Whale & Dolphin Safari by Explore NZ! I thought only South Island have such an activity but I was lucky enough to find this right before my departure! We went for this Safari before we back to M’sia, and here we go, a lots of them! We also saw a whale!

The luckiest part was, we went to buy some grocery at Countdown supermarket, and my friend got this ‘2 for 1 Whale & Dolphin Safari Voucher’ printed at the back of the receipt (so next time you shall check out the deal printed at the back of the receipt before you throw it away)! So we got a real good deal for this Safari! And the captain went extra miles to look for the dolphins, here we go, check out the video!

This is the company website:


当行驶了两个多小时的船还不见海豚的踪影是还以为这次真的不会看到海豚了,不过船长并没有让我们失望,再往远些的海域行驶,终于让我们遇上了!还看到鲸鱼呢(不过它没有好像 Free Willy 那样‘弹’上来啦,只是让我们瞥一瞥它的香背而已)。兴奋程度如何,看看短片就知道了。。。



Yi said...



Casendra said...

呵呵,临行前不想张扬嘛。。。我还去了走山爬动跳楼。。。呵呵。。。迟些慢慢分享,现在jet lag 着。。。

[SK] said...

wow, no wonder you gone MIA!! must be a very nice trip in NZ, where are the photos?? looking forward to seeing them~~

Jean said...




Nava Krishnan said...

what a great experience with the dolphins.

Unknown said...


墨鱼 said...


Casendra said...


SK, am filtering the photos, try to put up soonest possible while dealing with the jet lag eh :P

Jean, 那你就在那里和仪碰头好了! 哈哈。。。

Nava, indeed, its a great experience :)

傻孩子,你好! 会加油的。。。

墨鱼,海豚好像把船只当成玩伴了!还真的和我们赛跑叻,感觉真的很棒! ^_^

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