Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tongariro Alpine Crossing @ Tongariro National Park, NZ


This was another lucky day of us. We were told that 5 days before our tramping, the weather were not so good and people couldn't even see the blue lake! Yet we had a super Sunny and Windy(blow away the glooming cloud) day! God Bless!

A little fact of the crossing. This is one of the most spectacular tracks in NZ. About 19.4km walk, starting from Mangatepopo Hut and ended at Ketatahi road, so you'll need a transport for the crossing as the starting & end point is different. It takes about 7-9hrs walk (depends on your pace), and how's the scenery? It's awesome awesome awesome! Take a look!
After the energetic breakfast, we brought along the prepared pack lunch, ready to go!

这时Lorraine(旅店负责人)再次大喊“好啦好啦,不要拍太多照片,该开始了!记得三点钟一定要离开Ketatahi Hut!”。开始我们都觉得为什么她那么紧张。后来才知道原来她觉得我们亚洲人太爱拍照啦,常常因为这样而延误行程(前一天就有一班亚洲人因为拍照所以耽误了时间),而我们的国家又热,她觉得我们不会常常走路运动以保持身体温暖。。。哈哈哈。。。紧张也是一种关心吧?
At this point of time, Lorraine (the lady who send us here) kept shouting "not too many photos! Start walking, remember to leave the hut by 3pm (repeated N times before we depart)".
While on the way back only we understand why -- coz she think we Asian take too much of photos (a day before the group delayed their journey due to taking too many photos ==|| ), and we do not have the fitness (coz our country is hot woh, so she assumed we don't keep walking to keep the body warm. hahahaha), thats why she kept shooing us to start...hahahahahaha...

再次觉得自己在 Discovery Channel 里,说我大乡里也好,真的从来没有想过我也有机会走上这么一趟!激动的很哪!这背景,美的太不真实了,美得像布景一样!
Again I felt that I was in the Discovery Channel! Never never thought that I would have a chance to experience such a beautiful sceneric walk. Excited and felt so blessed...The snow mountain was too beautiful to be real, that always made us felt that it was just a wallpaper background... 

There is a 'Stop! Consider Turning Back' Signboard before we reach here... Turning back??! Nah... no way!

The very first 'Cloud Sea' in my life...
that I always wanted to see it in 'lin ming shan' here in M'sia but no chance...

阳光普照却凉凉的,四周环境又有沙洲的荒凉感,感觉真的很奇妙和特别 (再次大乡里 ^_^)
The Sun was so strong yet it was windy and cozy, a desert-like plateau, the snows were waving to us...

Walking along the mountain, all the way up! Human become so little in front of the mother nature...

觉得这里和Mt KK的顶峰有点像哦!不过KK高的多了!
Looks very similar with Mt KK's peak huh? But KK was way higher!

Some little sand(stones??) went into my shoes... hmn, such a photo huh? Plus point to the photo shooter. Hahaha

The mind lifting blue lake shows up, presenting itself in a calm, serene and elegant way....

A beautiful Emerald Lake, mineral leached from surrounding rocks contribute the emerald...

Backpack as my tripod, gloves to prevent the strong wind blow away my camera, just for this special moment!

Wind Breaker Off! Yeah baby, if we don't do something stupid now, when shall we do it?? Here we go, fighting with the wind and made post and say 'cheese'!

这张为自己留念,不知何时再有机会‘discovery' 嘛
A memory for myself, as not sure when will have the next chance to be in 'discovery channel'...

Had our sandwich here, stayed about...30mins? Such a beautiful scenery, why rushing to continue while we were way ahead our schedule?

Looking back, kind of a breathtaking...the descending path are all lose stones, pretty testing on your balancing and momentum... 

After the blue lakes, these will be main scenery... the alpine sensitive area. Lorraine said the trees in the alpine area only grow a bit for 200 yrs, thats why they put up all the 'alpine sensitive area' to alert trekkers stick to the path and do not simply step on the alpine trees...

到达Ketatahi Hut,休息,吃苹果,劳烦德国的朋友为我们拍照!时间多得是嘛,谁说我们体能差来着?:P
Arrived Ketatahi Hut, rest, enjoyed our apple, and the Germans were kind enough to help us take some group photos :)
Eh, we were still plenty of time ahead, who said Asian do not have the fitness eh? :P

Wanna do this long ago! Yes, looks very idiot but man I wanna try it! Not bad mah right? ( I think the westerns were controlling not to shake their head now...)

Hmnm, walking on this kind of route for 3hrs plus, what say you eh? Kind of depress leh...hehehe...

Last part of the walk very much similar with the tropical wood, just like those in M'sia, but Autumn here the sky get dark very early, 3pm something we already felt like evening is approaching...

完成了!呵呵,还有证书和T-Shirt 呢,晚餐那苹果派让我无法忘怀。。。
Ta da! Done! And we've got a cert and a t-shirt, and a wonderful dinner!
Crossing trek info

Gives you the idea of the altitude across the track
 Been there, Done it, No Regrets.


[SK] said...

真的很漂亮!! 相信走7-9小時也應該不會覺得累吧?? 哈哈, 你們也拍了很多照片嘛, 老實講, 有沒有耽誤時間?? 呵呵..

那個早餐很好吃的樣子, 還有旅館為你們準備的午餐和小吃, 也很不錯囉, 夠warm~~ :)

Anonymous said...


郑展兴 said...


Casendra said...

SK, 我们这么样停停走走的只用了7个小时半,还比预定的时间早半个小时呢,争了一口气。哈啊哈。。。单程的路线不会觉得累因为看得东西不一样,只是后半段的路还真长呢,不过很好走,还是很棒!我们拿配套的,觉得很值得咯。。。有机会,我要试下冬天走!


RealGunners said...

the ham... yum yumsss

Jean said...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Great view, nice place, excellent energy..tQ.

7号街隐士 said...

Wa ~ 那里的景色真的很优美!

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LionGirl said...

WoW! Love your pictures! Beautiful! Way to go, gal! Really proud of you lei!


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