Wednesday, June 22, 2011

农宿 Big Bird B&B Farm Stay @ Otorohanga


We stayed here for 2 nights as it is nearby the abseiling+glowworms cave, and we can experience the farm stay on the next day. Our host Ann is very friendly & she kept the place clean & tidy that I felt so comfortable just like in my own house... I will definitely recommend this if you wish to have a good experience of farm stay.

Quite easy to spot from main road.

Can see the time and efforts that Ann & Ross put in this farm house. Using an unwanted shoes to plant is one of my small little dream!  

This is where we stayed. Got one extra single bed somemore...its cozy and tidy and warm!

Here comes our farm tour!

Miniature horse, the kids can ride of it oh. There are many more animals awaiting for us to feed them!

For once I was very resist to touch animals (felt that there are always some strange smell), then donno since when hor, I suddenly understand that my hand could have been even more dirty than any of them...

First time saw Llama (till then only I know there is such creature call Llama ==')! They marked their debut in a cool way...hahahahah 

Look at Lincon's curly hair! Damn, he is so handsome! He gaves Ann and myself a kiss after we finished feeding him!

The farm is really huge! And seriously its not easy to run and maintain it... Salute to Ann & Ross!

Participating and helping Ann to move the barrier so that the calfs have more grass to eat!

Ostrich's territory. The big bird was flapping his wings to warn you not getting to near of his gf!

These 3 little one were loitering outside a night before, Ann get them back home the next day morning. In M'sia, probably already gone case...

Helping the neighbour to 'manage' their grass :P

They've got so many guinea pigs! Oh my, and Ross made the cage himself! They are really cute!
A very great experience, missing the grassland, the pure air, and the stress free environment...


[SK] said...

有機會我也想要住農宿體驗一下農人的生活.. 不過只有在外國啦, 馬來西亞天氣太熱我怕會中暑, 哈哈~~ :D

Yi said...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Nice greens and can feel the freshness. I have never seen a real Llama too.


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