Wednesday, June 15, 2011

罗托鲁阿跳楼记 'Jump Floor' Experience @ Agroventures, Rotorua


Second day at Rotorua the weather was so much better, not too sunny even drizzling from time to time, but we still able to visit the thermal wonderland and proceed to this excited Agroventures games. Our very first 'jump floor' experience...
我们的配套呢,是5选3,还记得我们但是大小声的说:“我们不要笨猪跳啦,就选sweep, swoop 和 freefalls 好了。” 唉,谁知道那个swoop阿,和笨猪没什么两样哩 ==||
We can choose 3 out of 5 games here (Bungy, Sweep, Swoop, Freefalls & Agro Jet)
"No Bungy we don't want Bungy, ok lets do sweep swoop & freefals," We said.  Then it turned out that the Swoop is just so similar with Bungy lah aiyoo... ==||  

Forcing a smile...

Starting to question ourselves why we wanna torture our nerves in such way...

这时候我们开始看那些绳索是不是安全有没有要‘断线’的痕迹(虽然有点太迟。。。),汗颜 ==||
At this point of time, we started to check if the wire and the ropes are all OK, another sweat ==||

和铁杆平行时,地面的工作人员给指示:“OK 老兄你可以把绳索放开了!”下一秒钟,除了惊叫。。。还是惊叫。。。啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!!!!!!!
Until we were at the same height with the poles, the crew at the ground shouted 'Alright, you can release the rope now...', and the next secs what we all did were just scream scream and scream! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

哎哟。。。怕到,打死都没有下次 >_<||  难怪人家讲 ‘难得糊涂’,如果一开始我知道是这样的,根本就没有勇气玩啦,无端端去跳楼,真的是。。。
Walau, really freak me out! No next time no next time! Seriously, if I were to know it was like this ah, no way man, I definitely no courage to play! No wonder people said sometimes its 'good to be blur'... grrrr....

Hehe, this one is cool (and cold, hehe just nice to calm ourself after the swoop) ! All you need to do is to keep the body balance & follow the instruction properly, then the crew will help you get all the stunt actions done!


Third games of the day, thought it's the easiest one yet it turned out to be the most tiring one! Gotto cycling 3 laps only the 'capsules'  

Hehe, he gotto race with himself since there were only 3 of us :P

Don't play play ah, I made the record of the lady oh! Muahahaha

I would recommend this activities if you were to visit Rotorua and have got extra time :)


LionGirl said...

Salute! Salute! Salute! Beh tahan oui! Me doing that?! No way! My heart might just stop before they swing me down! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!.....silence.....
Hahaha! You are my idol now, gal! Yeay!!!

[SK] said...

不錯哦, 那麼多刺激好玩的東西, 真的少一點膽量也不敢去玩囉.. 那個比bunjee jump還要刺激吧, 因為被捆得實實的, 好像任人魚肉一樣囉, 呵呵~~ :D

Casendra said...

Ahahah LG, that was an 'accident' lah, the information center said 'its a bit of swing...' (we tot slide down from bridge or platform and swing horizontally mah, mana sangka is vertically =='
I also very 'gia si' one...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Oh boy the swoop is just as 'bad' as bungy ah? Can really see you are closing your eyes tight haha. Wow what a face at the second game guess it's freefals? Wanted to try in Genting quite similar floating i a wind tunnel but coz of the rain it was cancelled. May not like the capsule ride not much kick and not 'chi kek' enough haha. tQ

Yi said...



Casendra said...

Bananaz, yes yes its as bad as bungy! Grr... never again ==' and another yes, its the freefalls, like Genting one, but i never try genting one la. Got crew one ah Genting? This one got 2 crews, one in front give instruction another one at the back catching your leg make sure you dont fly off. hahah..

Yee, 你很坏啦不过又不可以否认。哈哈。。。 怕的要死。。。其实之前就想email给你不过又怕有点太热情,哈哈哈。。 我呆会儿email 你,要早早做好功课哦!

子平 said...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

If happens to fly away make sure you land in KLIA and claim back your unused return ticket hahaha. Yes they have crews inside the wind tunnel to guide the 'L' superman and superwoman.

Jeff Tan said...

wa... how come that "wolf" can smile all the way? lol

Yi said...



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