Sunday, June 12, 2011

Never SenHeng Electric Again! Consider LH Emart!

Especially the Bandar Puteri Branch. Why? Because they staff can give you all sorts of excuse (including personal problem???!!) to delay your warranty claim, to FIND your replacement parts and best is never call you to follow up as PROMISED.

What did I do? After travelling few times back to the shop and with N times sms to the staff. I gave up. Login to the Consumer Right Association Portal, type a complaint, click 'send'. That's it.

Will I get a reply? I will perhaps, but of course not too soon, but at least I take action.

Here is what happened:
30 April - Send my cordless phone for warranty claim, was charged another RM5 for the new phone warranty. Fine, I paid. Was promised can get a replacement phone after a week.
11 May - Travelling back to the shop, was told that, sorry, phone not arrive yet. Fine, I wait again since they said next week I can get it.
18 May - I went there again and wow, they told me the phone is 'ON THE WAY' to the shop, I can get it 'THE NEXT DAY'
19 May - I went to NZ, so my brother went there to take the phone. Result - Sorry don't have the phone, please wait again.
19-31 May - Brother went there again - Sorry, no replacement phone yet.
4 June - I finally get back my replacement phone BUT THEY LOST THE BASE! No base, can't charge battery, how to use???
4 June - 12 June - forgot how many sms I've send, how many promised I've been given, I still haven't get my base back.

WTF???!!! Enough is enough. Complaint. That's it. Some people just tend to take advantage when others are being nice.  Such an attitude in servicing line, man, they should have close down the shop so that less consumers suffer from their lousy services.

What I wanna say here is, go LH Emart (especially SS2 Branch) to check out their electric goods, the price are amazing, you dont even need to waste time to bargain! Senheng?? Never again!


[SK] said...

very true, many shops try to delegate their responsibilities and do not provide good service.. good!! just make complaint and i guess you will earn double back~~ :)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Oh dear! Bananaz can accept if its a reasonable reply on a certain date even if it takes a few days or week but not empty promises and lip service saying tomorrow but tomorrow never comes. Only wish their bozzez wake up and be aware of the lackadaisical services of their staff. Imagine the danger of internet it's borderless. 1 spread 100 then to 1000 then millions.

Casendra said...

Hmn SK, I am willing to let go this cordless phone and not to hv any contact with this fellow anymore, a waste of my time, but he'll definitely learn a lesso!

Bananas, yes, if he told me wait I call u after a mth I surely give him that time to do his work, but too bad...

U guys know what, I send him SMS this morning ask him get his branch manager called me for I wish to lodge a complain. He called after mid noon and say "oh sorry ms Ng I forgot to call u again I went to Penang...." yes again, another excuse... Hahaha too bad, damaged done, I will surely spread this news to the world!

kithow92 said...

hmph, i heard some bad comments about tat senheng too!

Kendra Bing said...

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墨鱼 said...


Casendra said...

界豪 ~ if only I get to know it a bit earlier... haih...


LionGirl said...

Casendra dear, d last time I visited them was when I saw a promotion item I wanted. When I went to the shop, the staff said "sold out" - no more stock, how about a more expensive item??! Hahaha! Betul ke? So cepat no more stock?! Never had successfully bought anything from them after that. Thank goodness!!

Casendra said...

LG you're back! Hehe... ya man really god bless u! My base still dangling somewhere...hahaha


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