Monday, November 1, 2010

抗烟大行动(3) ~ 亲爱的老板 Cigarettes Revolution (3) ~ Dear Boss

Its 3.15pm and AGAIN the cigarette devils assembly in my boss room ~ where they called it the last sanctuary of smoking area in office...

So? Easy, I just took my laptop, ear phone, handphone, water bottle and MOVED OUT to another sister company which located at the same row but different office slot ~ where I call it the new 'non smoking sanctuary'...

As a good staff, I always informed my boss where the hell am I, and so, I sms my boss...

Me: 'Hi Boss, I am working from xxx office. tq'
Boss: 'Ok. why, any issue?'
Me: ' Yes, I am not feeling so well and can't take the cigeratte smell in office'
Boss: 'I tot XXX office worst? Its an open smoke area'
Me: 'Hehe, no they ban smoking in office here'
Boss: **silent....

Bypass strategy is good to use sometimes as taughted by Sun Wu, the hell I wanna waste my time & energy to ask you do not smoke eh?




老板:‘好。 为什么?有什么问题吗?’


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[SK] said...

hmmm, i thot it's non-smoking zone by law for all closed-environment air-conditioned premises??

Lonewolf said...

Wahahaha... good strategy. Hopefully he gets the message and ban smoking in new office.

Yoke Fun said...


Casendra said...

SK, only if they understand human language or earth language...unfortunately, many of them DON'T!

Wolf, u still have hope ah? Hahaha... that is very positive...hahahahaha...

Casendra said...


FaiTh said...

its ok... XXX company always welcome you... come whenever you like it!!!

RealGunners said...

ur boss will send out memo:
"the non smoker already move out, whoever wanna smoke can come here without worry anymore"

Casendra said...

Hahaha.... till then, i'll tender my resignation letter ;)


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