Monday, November 8, 2010

做人总要信 Must Have Faith...


英雄们问我是不是怕再次受伤所以不敢再碰感情这东西,叫我要有信念 (汗颜 ==')



I was being 'cared' by my heros friend out of the blue, making me confused a bit.

Heros asked if I was afraid of getting hurt again and thus stay away from relationship, asking me to have Faith.

Reminds me of the movie 《Echoes Of The Rainbow 》, which the lady always said, " Must have faith"
Well there is no answer at the moment. Guess I am still positive, but in such a critical moment, goes with the flow shall be the best option eh?
When the coffee beans were milled, it is time to enjoy the condense of its aroma...


PoWKilLeR保活丘覯鲁阿 said...

daydayisgood-day ,, ,,
everynight is good-nite !

Yi said...

樂觀是好事^^ 願你快樂

fufu said...

yeah exactly...if not hardly can live the life :)

Jeff Tan said...


wewewe said...

Eh... ur not talking bout me rite? I always care for u one ma.... sometimes in heart only... not all things have to say one...hehehe

Lisa717 said...

In my opinion, trust just couldn't apply in every context or aspect of our life~ Even we trust the opposite party but we don't know whether they trust us or not.. So, yes..agreed with u that..we gotta go with the flow.. well, wish u the best of luck ya^^

Casendra said...

Ladies & Gentlemen, thanks for the wishes. :)


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