Tuesday, November 2, 2010

随意“兰卡威”Langkawi Random @ AB Motel

印象最深刻的,就是在机场拿到的其中一份旅游指南,竟然把浮罗交怡译成“兰卡威” ==''
One of the 'unforgettable' experience in Langkawi airport was - bump into a brochure that direct translate Langkawi in mandarin, instead of 'Fou Luo Jiao Yi', it just put 'Lan Ka wei' ...sweat...

我们住在AB Motel,虽非星级旅馆,却有着星级的沙滩和景色,难得哦!阿德琳介绍的。。。呵呵。。。
We stayed at AB Motel @ Pantai Cenang, it is definitely not 5 stars motel but look at the environment! It's just next to the beach! Hehe, thanks to Adeline who intro this to us eh? :)

Mama always woke up early, hehe... exercising at the beach...

Peace & serenity

老妈先发现的,还以为是什么 。。。凑近一看,原来是大水母!(没做比例,下次会记得的了)。之后还发现很多小小的水母被冲上海岸。回来后报章报导说到浮罗交怡有水母患!还好我们没下去玩水。。。
Mama spotted this... at first we didnt know what it was... moving nearer, its a huge jellyfish (ok didnt do comparison this round, next time will remember to put a slipper next to it)! Yiiii... there were many other small jellyfishes left on the beach in fact... On the Monday that we retured, the newspaper said Langkawi was hit by jellyfish boom!

Good to remember what car we chartered eh?

Only if there is another person next to her, it will be perfect... mnm, probably she also doesnt want to see me alone alone like this so die die ask me sell myself out fast eh???

A serene reflection...

Its ramadan month and this lady has been nagging for ayam percik for days, at last, we manage to hunt it down before we fly off! Yeah...and it really tasted good :P
The evening @ Pandai Cenang was totally different oh, full of crowds and activities!
Guess who's the artists?? Hehe... its the crabs (or crab without 's'? Shall be eh? :P) Hehe, pretty artistic right?

A close look at it... looks like butterfly ...


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Lonewolf said...
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fufu said...

ayam percik?? i want!!!!! btw huge jelly fish!!!

Casendra said...

Fufu sorry ya dont meant to 刺激 you ==' but but you can put it in your 'to eat list' as soon as you're back in malaysian!

Casendra said...

Malaysia not malaysian... =='


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