Sunday, November 7, 2010

滑去 Bangsar Village 了~ Suft to Bangsar Village




11月4日,今天冲去Bangsar Village 了,朋友的慰安妇记也正式开始。。。真可怜。。。。

I've been to places that I hardly wanna go lately.

Traffic jam I said.

The point is, I've started to get sick about myself that I can really be that ... unchangeable (which is - boring lah). And so, I wanted to try something new, new stuff new thing new game new route, even I've got into a wrong way, there is no rush to make a U Turn, but just go ahead, explore the highway that I never ride on before, use a bit of brain and remain unused...

So, 4th Nov, my first surfing point ~ Bangsar Village dinner, which also seems to be the starting of my friend's 'comfort man's diary'.... pity pity...

I dont roll it well tho =='

Bangsar Village 的 ‘乡村烤鸭’ 一顿丰富的晚餐。豆腐和鸭都很不错,只是那青菜很‘清菜’而已。
A nice & comfortable dinner @ Village Roast Duck. Both Tofu & ducky were nice, just the vege tasted a bit too plain...

溜达一会儿之后,来到了闻名已久的超级咖啡店~ Espressamenre。
After a short walk around, finally I met super coffee house ~ Espressamenre.
The coffee is seriously concentrate and the smell of the aroma is unbeatable...its a thumbs up :)


green8801 said...


墨鱼 said...

改变是一件好事,不然你就不会碰上Bangsar Village 的美食了! 看了你拍的照片,肚子真的好饿。。。。。

Lisa717 said...

do i influence you a lil bit or more to try out sth new?? :P muahahah~~

anyway, the food especially the duck look so yummy!!!! the coffee is really tempting too!!

卓韋 said...


Casendra said...

哈哈。。 流口水的朋友们,来,一起吃个痛快吧!


Lexus, 希望你早点找到你的新‘看头’。

Lisa, you bet! Hehe... if u so happens to be there, yes the coffee is a must try thing oh! ;)

[SK] said...

yalah, you should try out new things to have different experience, never try never know right?? wah, actually the shredded duck meat is nice enough, no need to wrap lah~~ :D

choonhong said...


Casendra said...

Hahaha... SK u are right? Hope your new office environment is good :)

ChoonHoong, 拿鸭是很不错的。。。

Jeff Tan said...



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