Thursday, June 10, 2010

798 @ Tropicana City Mall

798, been hearing this place for long, as colleagues used to hang out here. Finally, today, after movie, I am here...

How does it feel? Hmnm, live band very 'live', great effort to try give a good performance, however, to certain extend I think the speakers are really too loud, pretty much difficult to tolerate while the rating to the live band is just a B-.

Food & Beverages are pretty good at least, and I guess its just not me who will like this kind of place, where, when everybody sit down and started to play with their own gadgets, can only talk(in fact shout) to person who is next to you as the music is too loud, and can only chat when the music is stop (and everyone was pretty much drunk...)



喜欢热闹的人这里应该是个不错的地方,而且有很不错的啤酒促销,啤酒和食物的水准都不错(纯粹个人意见),只是Live Band有待进步。。。

Wonder why it named after 798?

Taken as Loong said very rare the Guiness glass has the wording 'DRAUGHT'...

Outdoor tables...

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