Wednesday, June 23, 2010

柏林犹太人大屠殺紀念館 Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe



Also known as the Holocaust Memorial, built in remembrance of the Jewish & other victims during the Holocause in World War II, taken 4.7 acre with 2,711 concrete slabs (Stelae) covered on it. At first we didnt know there is an underground "Place of Information", as we walked around, we just saw a lot of 'exit' sign. So we were wondering - exit from where?

Until we reached a corner, we saw 'entrance', so we walked down and saw the information centre. It is presented in a high tech, solemn yet peaceful way. Felt very much difference from the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, where here in Berlin you can still walk slowly read slowly, and still feeling ok while you step out the information centre. In Nanjing, it is just... way to heart sick to see all the photos & facts & the skeletons...all you want to do is just to leave as soon as possible. It's really a huge difference between these 2 memorial hall, perhaps its cultural shock?

The Stelae has the same size but different height...

矮的可以座上去歇脚(希望我们不是唯一3个这么做的人 :P)
The short one allowed us to jump on and take a rest... hopefully we are not the only 3 people we do so :P

A pretty special memorial park...

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