Tuesday, June 8, 2010

星期天的eCurve ~ A weekend @ eCurve

周末鲜少跑广场的我啊,每每在周末来到eCurve都会有不同的惊喜,总觉得这里的周末很热闹,很适合一家大小,朋友或情侣溜达。 这周末也不例外,看,室内有厂家提供的充气游戏 (revive)!我还是第一次在众目睽睽之下想都不想就跳上去玩了,呵呵呵。。。理他谁在看,反正又不认识!室外还有Spritzer和其他商家的宣传活动,很热闹哦!值得推荐!

I don't usual go shopping mall during weekend (typical house mouse type..hahaha) but then everytime I went to eCurve with friend, I sure will found some surprise here. Different activities, programme or promotions... it somehow liven the hall up!

We just jump on these 2 games and run and fight and sweat, man its cool! hahah.. There were also spritzer promotion outside the hall & another... donno what new products, also with games & prizes.
If you are looking for a place to wonder around, eat around shop around, this place is recommended as it's just next to The Curve & IKEA!

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