Wednesday, June 16, 2010

学习接受和尊重 Learn to Accept & Respect


要爱,就的学习接受,而不是改造。古人说的对,若要人像我,除非两个我,总不能复制一个一模一样的人来爱吧?(即不经济又不实惠,而且有点变态 ==')。


Heard a lot of broken up news lately, as if it's the season of breaking up. The reasons are almost the same, communication and coordination of the daily lifestyle... Nowaday people seems to have a stronger personal characteristic and principle compared to those days, and so we might unintentionally trying to dominate/control our partner, unintentionally, wish other to change for us.

Well, who likes to be asked to change? And the fact is no one can change anyone (but by influencing of course, with another person's free will to change). So why can't we just learn to accept it? Accept the difference of another instead of expecting them to change for you?

There is an old saying, that if you wish other people are like you, unless there are TWO you. Err... unnless you can duplicate yourself and love another you (which I seriously think is not economically practical and a bit mentally sick...)

So... learn to accept and respect to love, it shall eventually bring us happiness and fortune of love...


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