Saturday, June 19, 2010

吃喝Kissaten @ IOI Puchong (2)

15 June, 2010


William 厨师说:“这桶可以倒九杯叻,你们三人,喝得完啊?”。幻想立刻破灭,只好打退堂鼓,不过大厨很好人叻,他说可以送我们几个空桶!呵呵。。。爽!我只喝了两杯半,虽然已经半死但还是很高兴。。。再次为这里加分!


Was a damn busy day, too busy until end of the day I had the fantasy of me finishing the one keg of Paulaner and bring back the empty keg and sleep. And so I shared this idea to KH and surprising he said ok lets go (the freedom of being single huh? haha). But errr, until I asked about the volumn of it only I was told that ... it can pour out 9 pints of beer...hahaha.. of course I can't finish it! :( while showing my dissappointing face... William Chef said, as long as u order few rounds, we can give you the empty keg... muahahahaha... yes yes yes!

Still the food is good and so do the beer and the people! Another plus point to Kissaten here!

Of course, my deepest gratitude to both Adeline & KH for the companionship!

The taste is just nice, not too salty neither tasteless.

My main course. Nice, I like to eat with chili powder in the rice.

不错。。。Not bad...

Finally a clearer picture of this rice, the taste is still good :)

Here comes our Paulaner

Hmnm, seems a bit over excited huh?

Absolutely wrong demo! Hahaha

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