Monday, June 14, 2010

端午节之~粽子 Dragon Boat Festival~ Chinese Dumpling

干嘛放chinese dumpling?因为在德国吃的dumpling和我们的粽子根本是风马牛不相及,呵呵。。。今年老妈没心情,裹的粽子怪怪的(还好我的不错),我们一致认为,没爱心和心机做出来的食物真的是不好吃的叻。她讲。。。明年不裹了,收山 ==' (见鬼,新年又不见她不炸一大堆东西吃。。。)


3 kilo 的米裹起来虽然有点累,但却是个很好的相聚的时光,值得珍惜。

Why I put chinese dumpling? Coz the dumpling that I ate at Germany has nothing related to our dumpling! So I gotto be specific here..hehe... Mum didn't seems to be in the mood this year. As such, her final products looks a bit one kind. Haha, we both agreed that food made without love & patience will definitely taste one kind, mood no cook, cook abolone or lobster also tastely...

She said she doesnt wanna make dumpling next year onwards (and I was hoping she do less new year junk food), hope she is just not in the mood, coz this is somehow a good time to get together. For the culture and the family tie... I do appreciate it...

Stir fried till the sticky rice's aroma comes out

Must pick the long fat leaves to wrap the dumpling. We spoilt the first batch, nice one, this one... hole somemore... =='

Pre-prepared materials. Funny part was the dried prawn & mushroom not enough, half way also gotto add on (seems almost all things need to buy extra and add on. hahaa)

Time to start work!

Old pot that has been following us for years (seems it only manage to see the sunlight once a year....if mum decided not to make dumpling anymore, it also means it's time for him to retire..)
就用这‘咸水草’绑好粽子。应该是无良商家卖些千年草给我们,一绑就断!#%%$#@!#@ 搞到我要半路驾车去杂货店买过些好的才可以继续裹!
Use this string to tie it up, but then I think the hawker sold us the thousand year old string, as soon as you use a bit strength, the string will just break! Argggghhh... I gotto drove out and bought a new + fresh one!

Done. Taste not bad oh!

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