Thursday, June 17, 2010

Munich Gastro Bierhaus @ IOI Boulevard (2)

第二次光临,这次终于有机会尝一尝它的美食。室内灯光带蓝,不会太吵杂,可以和朋友好好的聊天。这次的啤酒没出乱子,很棒。食物呢,两位猪肉杀对这里的德国猪手的评价都不错(都说肉质鲜美,皮也很脆)。Pretzel (德国面包)个人认为弄得很迁就本地人口味(柔柔淡淡的),香肠就很烂,我们甚至怀疑它的煮法是用蒸的而不是煎。。。

Second visit to Munich bar, finally the beer is good. Hahaha...indoor is not too noisy, can chat with friends comfortably. According to my pork lovers friend, the pork knuckle here tasted good, the meat is fresh and the skin is crunky... Pretzel, personally dont quite like, felt its a bit too soft and tastely. Sausages? 3 of us cannot like it at all, to certain extend we thought they steam the sausages instead of fried/grill it... =='

Indoor environment not too bad...

The sausage here is a no go for us.
The pork knuckle portion is pretty huge

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