Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Munich Gastro Bierhaus

续IOI Boulevard 一天三家饮食试,在等阿梁之余,我们到这里试试它的啤酒。。。环境还好啦,食物还有待验证,啤酒嘛。。。我那天的选择不太对。。。

Continue IOI Boulevard 1 day food & beverages testing. Hehe, while waiting for Leong, we hop in this Munich Gastro to try their draft beer, but seems I didnt really make the right choice...food wise, to be advised!

Not to crowded around 7pm...

Adeline seems so cool today :P

Little brother get attracted by Lucifer, bottle beer, kind of good tho
我嘛,是千挑万选选了Erdinger(其实是因为没喝过)。促销,买一送半,结果嘛。。。喝第一口,觉得有点酸酸的,就让阿弟也喝一口,也觉得有点酸酸的。。。然后就开始了我们的求证大行动--sms 询问+google. HH回讯说不应该是这样的,google 的更搞笑,好象都没什么好评,结果勉强喝到阿梁来,终于问酒保是不是应该有酸酸的味道--答案是----〉其实不应该是这样的,我们愿意替您更换。。。 ==''
I choosed Erdinger (coz never tried before mah...), with the promotion of buy 1 pint free half pint, both Adeline and I had this...slightly odd taste beer --> first sip, blink blink eyes and thought we had a sour tongue. Get CK to tried, tasted a bit sour too. So... I sms HH and asked if it suppose to have a sour taste (answer is shouldn't have a strong after effect taste). Googled it, errr... doesn't seems to get a good comment of it.
So at the end we asked the bar tender if it suppose to have a bit sour taste since we never tried this beer before... and the answer is NO. Hahhaha... they were willing to exchnage another beer for us but we were heading to the cone pizza!
All and all, still gotto try one more round before I can say the good or bad of this bistro lo.

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