Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kissaten之别 ~ Farewell @ Kissaten

Location: IOI Boulevard


Had dinner twice at this Kissaten, and no doubt the food quality remain as good. It has quite a good environment, staff are friendly & courteous (tho sometimes some of them don't really get what we're talking about). Apparently this is one of the most crowded restaurant in IOI boulevard eventhough it is weekday. Besides, they serve beers as well! I would rather recommend dinner & happy hour here instead of the Munich bar opposite...

Puchong IOI Boulevard Branch

The've got indoor & outdoor seats...

Apple Juice

Papaya Carrot Yogurt Drink -- fantastic! Also try the Banana yogurt!

拉面,味道很不错,Ramen, pretty delicous, hmnm...

Somebody finally willingly let me take the photos before he ate it... and, of course the taste is nice!

Personally I felt a bit weird of this combination (Gyoza+Chicken Wing??) Friend said it is not so nice tho...

This rice tasted very nice! Portion is huge too. Unfortunately the camera quality of hp is really lousy...

Given a choice, I don't mind being the regular customer here...

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